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Paraiso Adventures Panama Casco Viejo

Panama City Neighborhood Guide

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Panama City is an emerging metropolis in Central America, and a gateway to some amazing adventures the country has to offer. While the city is mostly modern, there are still some areas that have an old town flare. Here is our list of the capital’s best neighborhoods that you should visit while in Panama:

Banking District

Paraiso Adventures Panama Banking District

The Banking District, or Area Bancária in Spanish, is home to a few small neighborhoods such as El Cangrejo, Obarrio, Punta Paitilla and Marbella, which are among the safest in the city. This area is busy during the day with businesspeople and tourists, but at night its vibrant club scene comes to life. There are countless bars and clubs on Calle Uruguay which runs through the financial district. The neighborhoods are also home to the capital’s biggest and best hotels, and some quality restaurants. La Cinta Costera, which has a gorgeous waterfront promenade, connects the coastal neighborhoods of the financial district. In Bella Vista, you can find the F&F Tower, which was rated one of the best towers in the world in 2011. These neighborhoods are much more than just skyscrapers, though; they are filled with vibrant Panamanian culture.

Calzada Amador

Paraiso Adventures Panama City Guide

Calzada Amador, or the Amador Causeway, is a 2 mile breakwater that connects the mainland to the Amador Islands. These three islands, Isla Naos, Isla Flamenco and Isla Perico are home to many shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and bars. They have great views of the capital’s skyline, the canal, and the sparkling Pacific Ocean.

Casco Viejo

Panama Paraiso Adventures

El Casco Viejo is the most famous neighborhood in Panama, and for good reason. El Casco is the old town in the city, and it is even a UNESCO World Heritage site! This neighborhood is trendy and hipster and packed with culture. It is home to some of the best restaurants in the capital like Manolo Caracol and Ego Y Narciso. There are also many museums, churches, markets and monuments to check out in this cultural hub.


Paraiso Adventures Panama City Rainforest

is a hill that overlooks the city that is covered in rainforest. Yes, in the middle of a city you can be in the rainforest, too! It is home to many species including monkeys and sloths all in a relatively small area. The hill can be hiked at certain times in the day-definitely a must do! The east side of the hill also is home to the Metropolitan Art Museum of the city and a tourist village.



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