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Packing for Summer´s First Long Weekend

By Trini Id

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Personally, I’ve been looking forward to this first long weekend of the year because although so far loving 2016; I’ve found myself thinking: please give me a break! The Monkey year seems as restless as this jungle prince, and it doesn’t seem it´s going to ease at all. Therefore, I’m super thankful for this national holiday and the existence of veterans.

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I guess I’m not the only one thinking of escaping my daily environment and yes, that involves getting out of this concrete jungle asap, at least for a couple of days. I love you – so much – New York but you’re even worse than the monkey, and I want to walk at a turtle’s pace right now. If your getaway destination is a sunny tropical beach or the best hiking mountains right next to a quiet lake, my congrats girl for that. The goal is just to unplug from the routine, ease the pace, breath more deeply, contemplate a bit more, laugh more often, love yourself.

There are many reasons to celebrate and deserve this break. You made it through the very first chapter of the year; summer is coming, and life is beautiful. Now, the big question is, are you prepared for this first summer getaway? If the answer is yes and your backpack is full of bikinis and sunscreen, then I guess you need some advice. Despite the fact we are all craving summer vibes, and we are all really looking forward to this long and well deserved long weekend, having a second thought on what exactly you are packaging might be a smart idea.
So here, some handy tips on how to pack wisely, and most important, do not over pack because it’s all about packing light.

Beach destination does not mean summer: it actually means at this time of the year ” it’s windy” therefore do not over think on that trikini and put more attention on the art of layering up.

– Sneaker time: no matter if it’ss upstate, Utah or Florida, this time of the year shows the very best of midseason, and considering “climate change” as Leo has already told us, everything seems to be a bit upside down. So go safe and light and don’t make extreme decisions on your footwear: for the beach sneakers and sandals, for the mountain (or lake) sneakers and boots. But sneakers, always. Tha’s the key. And no, I’m not referring to those lame aerobic sneakers you have hidden in your closet. I’m talking about your cool Stan Smith, your black Nike Fly Knit or your suede New Balance.


– One of each: We already discussed it, it´s tricky time. Although we want summer here and now the fact is that by mid-July we´ll remember and say “it was super cold during the memorial weekend.” And maybe it wasn´t that cold, but it seems so because of your tiny shorts and white crop top. So first things first, let´s face it is not summer yet because so far it hasn’t even been spring yet, and bringing one pair of each season seems like the best option. Say hello to your boyfriend jeans, long sleeveless dress, cozy sweater, spring shorts and leather jacket.

– Memorial Glam: Ok, so big question is where’s my space for creativity. How can I show my new goodies, and Instagram my new looks in a cool way? The answer is accessorizing. Because the weather is not yet warm (like real warm) and everything seems a bit uncertain, one really cool thing about this holiday and time of the year is that you can use whatever cool accessory you want that during August will seem like “too much” and kind out of place during winter. But for now, those polarized sunglasses, high-knee boots, chocker necklace look absolutely fab.

Beach entrance between snow fences, Sagg Main Beach, Sagaponack, Town of Southampton, New York, Long Island

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