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One Week in Paradise


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When I decided to accept Nina’s kind invitation to be part of this yoga retreat in the wonders of Tico lands, I secretly expected to give Costa Rica a second chance in the right hands.
With the knowledge of the beauty and richness of this land, I thought my week in Guanacaste back in 2012 lacked the tico vibe everyone talked about and felt guilty for my bubble life in a resort.
With this invitation, I had the chance to really feel the vibe and more of this enchanting land in the middle of Central America.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The result was that I didn’t give Costa Rica a second chance, but I gave myself the chance to break the boundaries, fears and second thoughts on many things I would think 10 times before doing. Zip Lining to eternity, paddle boarding twice in the Pacific Ocean, galloping fearless with the young Maxwell horse on the hills of Malpais area, flying on a tiny 8 passengers plane from Tambor to San Jose where my fear has no room.
Costa Rica was there right in front of my eyes, showing me the kindness of the tico community as quick as we arrived from Newark Airport, the breathtaking views from our classy local gorgeous villa Casa Marbella, the hippie easy going vibe of the town, the fun hip multicultural classic Sunday sunset party in the beach, the delicious food of Lohanna Cuisine and the endless heart and passion of the itself Lohanna and Jesus.

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Not to mention the fantastic and expected signature cocktails that waited for us every sunset after our yoga practice. Yummy. Saying everything was fantastic is saying too little, because the truth is “memorable” is much more suitable to describe my first Paraiso adventure in situ, with my beautiful roommate and co-worker Darby Millar.

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Nina Ornstein really knows how to put you in the correct spot to have the correct experience.
Her experience, fearless, goofy and fun loving spirit is contagious, and you immediately understand how lucky you are to be sharing the Pura Vida in paradise with Paraiso. Missing already and thankful for such and incredible experience that I truly recommend to everyone to experience at least once in a lifetime. Pura vida mae, happy domingo!

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