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Let’s Get Sweaty! NYC Fitness Event!

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It’s POP-UP time of year and we are launching our sweaty season at our favorite, Sweaty Betty in SOHO! Come join us Tuesday May 16th for a happy hour of free yoga and bubbles! 6-8pm 77 Mercer Street, NYC. The yoga is all levels, complimentary, mats are provided by Sweaty Betty. RSVP now: Nina Ornstein The Paradise STory Sweaty Betty NYC Yoga EventLiz Gluckstern is the instructor and has been a certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor since 2013.  She completed her 200 hour teacher training at Laughing Lotus and encourages her students to have fun and make each Yoga practice their own. Liz is know for her themed classes such as rooftop yoga, blindfold yoga, and hip hop yoga, which balance asana, alignment and breathing techniques in a light hearted space.  Liz lives fully and attributes this to her 2 year meditation practice, compassion and mindfulness training’s as well as her personal sadhana (daily practice) which includes the healing power of energy (Reiki) and using scents (Aromatherapy) to calm the mind.  By offering Reiki sessions, Aromatherapy appointments, group Vinyasa classes as well as private Restorative Yoga classes, Liz is able to serve the bodies and souls of New Yorkers!Nina Ornstein The Paradise STory Sweaty Betty NYC Yoga Event





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