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New York Fashion Week Through the Ages

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In 1942, Eleanor Lambert started New York Fashion Week as a way to publicize American fashion and compete with more popular French rivals. During WWII, the US had no way to travel to France for their fashion shows. It started off known as “Press Week.” The US had been overlooked in the fashion industry so it was a way to make American innovations stand out alongside those of the French. Since then, fashion shows have been held throughout the city in February and September. However, the name of New York Fashion Week was not given to the event until the 1990s after London began calling its event London Fashion Week. For a while in the 1990s the event was also called “7th on Sixth”.
history of fashion week paraiso adventures new yorkIn the months of February and September, it is actually a world fashion month in a sense because Paris, London, Milan and New York have their events back to back to back to back in those months. As for New York, the event started in tents in Bryant Park, and the tents are still used for some shows, but now, most shows have an official indoor venue. Fashion Week also is comprised of many different events that run parallel to each other. There’s an IMG event, a Mercedes-Benz one, a Couture Fashion week, and more. The city is filled with shows throughout the week, whereas in the past it was only one show.history of fashion week paraiso adventures new yorkNYFW has evolved a lot throughout the ages and has become not only a way to advertise, but also a way to showcase artistic fashion that wouldn’t necessarily be sold. Since the 80s and 90s, it has been increasingly more free and designers have put out more artistic looks that are meant to convey a message or a theme. That’s what makes NYFW so interesting-it has revolutionized fashion and pushed designers to go more out of the box with all of the competition and increased relevance of the event. Definitely try to get to some of the NYFW events this year, you don’t want to miss them!history of fashion week paraiso adventures new york

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