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My Very First Coachella

By paraisoadventures

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Some of you may not know that I used to spend most of my time surrounded by music. College and a few following years after with filled with concerts in Colorado, California, Mexico, New York, Washington, Austin, TX, Las Vegas, you name it! My college crew and I always made a point of making a full experience out of music so travel was always part of the plan as needed. My college roomie worked at the Fox Theater in Boulder, CO. So naturally I spent every day there with the Fox Fam living it up and  occasionally working as well. I even had the privilege of working at the world-famous (and fabulous) Red Rocks Amphitheater a few times! I spent time working with my crew at Live Nation in Denver in artist relations and VIP and really got my fair share of exposure to large event production. This all died down as my travel has lead me to places far away from the live music lifestyle, although I do always try to catch a show or at least something when I’m in a new city!

Paraiso Adventures Coachella Palm Springs California The Paradise Society

This year, however, my very first Coachella happened. And I was with a very amazing group of my Colorado friends, including my partner on The Paradise Society business, Sarah. Just like the good old days! I also met some exceptional new people, danced my booty off and attempted to find many a friend.  (Though I did not have my fiance aka partner in crime,  I did find a couple of Austin’s friends from college for a huge dance party!). There are so many things I love about my memories of Weekend 2, Coachella, California,below are a few concepts that stick out about my take on large music experiences.

Paraiso Adventures Coachella Palm Springs California The Paradise Society

  • What it means to be Festival Chic. Fashion, music, travel, food. These are all a lifestyle and organically overlap. Being Festival Chic is this entire fashion “season” if you will, similar to resort wear. More on that from Sarah soon.
  • Sense of community – meeting new people and looking out for one another. People seem more receptive and open to seeing the good in so many people. People from all over the world come to experience this and there is something so very beautiful about that!
  • Sense of adventure – one will definitely need to be ready for an adventure when in attendance at a festival. Art, expression, living life to the fullest!
  • The wellness aspects of the festival scene is now more prevalent than ever! My long lost retreat wellness pro, Faye, (whom I never actually found but texted repeatedly!) was at Coachella giving massages (her tent even blew over!) Off in the distance one can usually spot people practicing acro yoga.
  • Food! Poke bowls were delicious and an amazing healthy option. (I will be scouring the internet for the best recipe for this heavenly meal and sharing with you all soon!)
  • Desert living- different kinda feeling- I definitely wasn’t prepared for the amount of dust -note to future self, bring a bandana!  Palm Springs has a mystical old Hollywood glamour out in the middle of nowhere. An oasis of glamour if you will.

Paraiso Adventures Coachella Palm Springs California The Paradise SocietyAfter all of that fun, here I am in NYC, bouncing back with a little extra spring to my step after an unforgettable weekend in California’s Palm Springs desert. It’s been a while since I been a part of an event of this magnitude to needless I say, I could sleep for days. But there’s something so invigorating and spectacular about the festival vibe I just can’t help but smile!


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