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My Mom & Me in Myanmar

By Nina Ornstein

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My mom and I recently embarked on an extraordinary adventure. We flew from New York City to Asia and spent 10 days traveling. Well, technically my mom flew from Cabo to NYC, then we went twelve hours into the future together. I would like to assert now that our intention was not to vacation. We were aware that some extreme traveling was up ahead, but rest assured, we sprinkled plenty in of comfort stops along the way. My mom and I felt fiercely prepared going into this trip, with many thanks for a world of advice from seasoned travelers. We were in the know, reading everything we could find, always crowd-sourcing along the way. My mom and I both take travel very seriously. And while we’re somewhat laid back about our approach to itinerary planning, I’d like to think that we both bring some very informed decision making skills to our adventures. I get it from my mamma, who also goes by Nancy, or Mamma Nance. Nina Ornstein Nancy Mills Paraiso Adventures Travel Bagan Myanmar Asia WanderlustIt all starts with a feeling, a whim if you will. The day I found our flights to Bangkok I just knew something good was waiting out there. This whole adventure began with me looking at random flights on my United app. Something that must be avoided from time to time, but nonetheless a source of many unforgettable and affordable adventures. I stumbled across the exact same United flight I found in 2016, flying NYC to Bangkok, via Tokyo. You know I’m all about the showers and noodle bar Tokyo’s airport lounge, so naturally I booked the flight. Our flights were $675 round trip each. It was all too good to pass up, especially since we say YES to new adventures.Nina Ornstein Nancy Mills Paraiso Adventures Travel Bagan Myanmar Asia Wanderlust Bangkok ThailandI called my mom and asked her to join me, and requested that she choose where we go after Bangkok. Her immediate response was Myanmar and I was enthusiastic about her choice! Myanmar was new territory for me, however this would be my mom’s second trip to this fascinating country. In fact, my mom and dad traveled to Myanmar, then Burma, while pregnant with me in 1981. They visited for six days, long before foreigners were exploring within the tight borders of this paradise. I think it’s so amazing that my parents visited Burma then, long before it was a hot-spot, and technically I was also on board, just sayin’.Nina Ornstein Nancy Mills Paraiso Adventures Travel Bagan Myanmar Asia WanderlustAnd now for my favorite part. These were also the days before digital, and my parents, being such forward thinkers, sent postcards back to the US. These postcards had been saved, describing years of global adventures in crazy hand-writing. They came in particularly handy for this trip. Talk about fun! My mom and I retraced most of their steps, adding Inle Lake as a destination that they were unable to access. We read guide books and obsessively scrolled Instagram travel feeds until finally crafting  a loose itinerary, because we like to be flexible.Nina Ornstein Nancy Mills Paraiso Adventures Travel Bagan Myanmar Asia WanderlustOver the next few weeks I’ll be documenting the  unforgettable adventures of My Mom and Me in Myanmar. As always, my intention is to inspire travel, and offer a new perspective. If anyone has specific questions about traveling in Myanmar or Bangkok, please let me know. I’d be happy to include in my description! • IG: @NinaOrnstein Nina Ornstein Nancy Mills Paraiso Adventures Travel Bagan Myanmar Asia Wanderlust


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