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Mind Body Soul Spring Checklist

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And just like that, winter is coming to a close. Not without a few more storms I’m sure, but nonetheless, it’s the first of March and we have some things to get done! Rancho Pescadero Baja Mexico Travel Paraiso Adventures Yoga Retreat

  1. ADIOS SUGAR: All extra sugar that cant be converted to glucose and used by the body is stored in our fat. It really just comes down to finding that balance and replacing the harmful sugars, that aren’t benefiting our bodies, with a balance of beneficial sugars. Avoid juices, read labels, start small and notice the change in your lifestyle quality after a few days.
  2. RANCHO RETREAT: Kick off the spring with a mind, body and soul adventure to Rancho Pescadero located in southern Baja. One of Mexico’s best kept secrets, this seaside farm-to-table ranch is hosting a four night all-inclusive retreat March 15-19. The yoga will be lead by two local rockstar teachers, Teddi and Liz. Take some time to rejuvenate and get back to nature!
  3. GET OUTSIDE: Whether on a retreat or in your home town, put time aside to discover the great outdoors. Fresh air is essential for not only the body, but the mind. We’re entering the time of year when venturing outside for exercise is more comfortable, and a really nice change of pace from sitting behind a computer all day breathing stale office air. Even if its just a walk around the block, do it!
  4. CAN’T STOP WONT STOP: Dive into new projects and really work on holding yourself accountable. The winter is for setting intentions, going inward and realizing potential. The spring is about bring all of this to life. Focus on what makes you happy, what you consider progress toward your goals and don’t hold back
  5. GO SOMEWHERE NEW: Can overlap with #2. Keep that 2017 travel bucket list handy all day everyday by making a mood board. Or just a list in the notes on your phone. Find a place that you can quickly escape full of inspiration and reminders of what motivates you. I find that it’s hand to have a list of my go-to last minute weekend adventures in case the opportunity arises, I don’t want to blank!

What’s on your checklist for the upcoming change of seasons? What was on your list for this winter and how can you get closer to achieving these goals? Please share your comments below or drop us a note on Instagram!
Rancho Pescadero Baja Mexico Travel Paraiso Adventures Yoga Retreat

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