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Paraiso: Your Ultimate Travel Buddy

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Those interested in planning a company retreat with Paraiso often ask, “what’s your package?”. However, that’s not quite how we work. We’re not big proponents of the one-sided transactional approach, and rather opt to create experiences based on a deep understanding of a guest’s needs and wants.  Part of what makes Paraiso so unique is that we build corporate travel FOR and WITH you. Rather than presenting a standardized offering of where we go and what we do, we instead get to know our corporate partners so that we can curate your trip based on your every need, specification, and objective.

We think of meeting potential client partners as if we were going on a first date. What is your company like? What is your schedule? What’s your approach and attitude? What are you interested in? What do you like and want to get out of this project? These are the questions that matter to us. We want to get to know you and you to get to know us to pave the way for how we plan on working together throughout the journey. When we partnered up with an innovative investment firm this January to create the team getaway of a lifetime, we start the process right in their offices.

Paraiso Adventures Volleyball Retreat

We wanted to get an intimate sense of how the investment team operated; what were the employees like, what were they interested in trying, and what was their company culture like? We quickly learned that this group was hardworking and pressed for time, but needed a weekend away for team-bonding. A holiday in Barbados full of sun, fun, and games was the perfect match for this young and dynamic group.

Getting to know the groups we work with is one of our favorite parts of our work, and the relationships carry through pre-departure and post! If you’re interested in meeting us to tell us about your team, we’d LOVE to be in touch:

Paraiso Adventure Tubing Barbados

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