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La Barceloneta, Barcelona’s Waterfront Scene

By Nina Ornstein

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Welcome to Barcelona’s vibrant waterfront scene La Barceloneta! You may remember it from the Shakira “Loca” video, which is one of the best music videos ever to get pumped up for a night out or a work out! It’s featured at the bottom if you need a booty shaking refresher! Along the Malecon, or the boardwalk, you can find various Chiringuitos. Chiringuitos are little tiny beach shacks on the beachwith style, good wine, friendly service and people watching for days. Around here it’s all about taking in the eclectic local crowd, sparkling Mediterranean Sea, and just hang out. Tap into your inner European and stay a while. Por que no? You can always take a beach siesta after if you need – just be sure to lather on that sunscreen and keep your valuables close.

La Barceloneta Barcelona Spain Paraiso Adventures Nina Ornstein Travel Shakira MaleconLa Barceloneta is considered one of the best places to try fresh fish or paella in Barcelona. A great selection of tapas are also offered off any menu. The most typical of the tapas of La Barceloneta would be called the bomba aka a ball of potatoes filled with meat and the selection of spicy sauce or the classic aioli. A caña a glass of draft beer, is always served as well. Towards the beach, one might come across balconies with clothes hanging to dry (as dryers are uncommon in Europe), all types of shops, wineries, bars, and restaurants.

Paraiso Adventures Barcelona Spain Travel Adventure Nina OrnsteinFrom day to night, the beach of La Barceloneta is the most animated of all of Barcelona. This area houses a large variety of small bars or clubs, where one can eat dinner or order a drink until the wee hours of the early morning. The day scene is fun, mellow beach vibes and by midnight the clubs (and casino) really get going at the north end of the strip.

Paraiso Adventures Barcelona Spain Travel Adventure Nina Ornstein Barrio GoticoOne of the great thing about Barcelona is that no matter where you stay, there is a major attraction. And the rest of the city is only a quick taxi or metro ride away. I will however inform you that there is currently no Uber service in Barcelona, and taxis can be scarce if, say, you get caught in a rain storm. When in doubt, go back inside, order another Cava and wait it out. As always, I’m happy to help plan your adventure if you’d like an insider’s perspective please contact me anytime!

Happy adventures everyone!

Xo Nina

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