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How to Get That Work Travel Balance

By Intern

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Blending traveling and work is becoming more and more accessible. There are a lot of companies that now coordinate “remote years” or things like study abroad for young professionals instead of university students. Some companies are paying people to travel and work for them, documenting the world with photo and video and sharing with the world on social media. Paraiso’s traveling media production company, The Paradise Story, is built on the concept of exploring the world through work opportunities with inspirational individuals.  There are so many ways for people to see the world doing what they love these days, so we summarized a few more examples fun for you!Paraiso Adventures Travel Today

Get to know Europe without paying a penny. Who hasn’t dreamed of traveling around the world? A European bus adventure company, Busabout, is making dreams come true this summer.  Busabout has been looking for two travelers, one brand ambassador and a video producer. The criteria is that these two travelers have adventuresome spirits, and must be ready to travel through islands and villages along the shores of Europe. What’s the catch?  The two lucky wanderlusters need to document the journey every step of the way. The work definitely seems worth it. All-expenses are covered, and the final product is a well-produced travel-vlog (video-blog) and social media content on what the company calls “a journey of life”.Paraiso Adventures Nina Ornstein Travel TodayAnother amazing traveling work opportunity would mean visiting New Zealand! The tech industry is looking for experts from all over the world and they are actively crowd-sourcing talent through social media via their”global talent attraction program.”  The city wants 100 new software developers, creative directors, product managers, analysts and digital strategists to revive the tech scenes. The NY Times describes New Zealand as being late to the tech party because people didn’t want to travel the distance. Now, at a moment of political upheaval around the globe, that isolation has become a selling point.Paraiso Adventures Myanmar Travel TodayIf the island life is for you, then this leaving opportunity in Bali is the way to go. The Code Institute offers 10 day bootcamps on topics such as coding and digital marketing all over the world. We create an environment of accelerated learning so that you can learn in demand digital skills while having an experience of a lifetime. We believe in learning by doing and creating a fantastic learning atmosphere. Get away from the stress of everyday life, get to know new languages and people and after an all inclusive package is offered, you do not have to worry about the costs. Paraiso Adventures Nina Ornstein Travel TodayA lot of universities around the world offer summer or winter school. The programs are possible on the most diverse topics and you can also relax by the way. The team on site offers regular scheduled trips and you do not have to worry about anything. Of course, you can also get to know new people and can also get enough time for yourself.

Paraiso Adventures and The Paradise Story are always looking for new ways to creatively do what we love. We encourage our communities to travel, engage and to share experiences with one another. How have you been able to take the reigns and build a life that blends the best of both worlds? Paraiso Adventures Travel Today

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