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Forgive & Forget Thanksgiving Dinner

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You gave your thanks, filled your belly, and now you’re paying for it. The food tastes so good, but when you’re accustomed to eating clean, this glutenous food consumption custom can really leave us hurting. Just remember this feeling is temporary! Follow these easy steps to rebalance your system quickly.

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Eating foods high in unhealthy fats can leave the body sluggish and saturated in triglycerides, aka the bad cholesterol. The best way to change this scenario is to fill up on Omega-3 fatty acids today and every day. Ingredients such as salmon, tuna, almonds, flax seeds, walnuts, olive oil and beans are all very helpful in aiding this elimination process.

Paraiso Adventures

Maybe it wasn’t the fats that have your belly growling but it’s the salt that left your body puffy. Flush your system with plenty of water, vegetables and fruits with high water content (check out our post on eating hydrating foods!)and get your booty into a yoga class. Doing all of those twists and inversions really helps rid the body of excess salts that do not serve you in the slightest.

Some prefer savory, others sweet. If your sweet tooth got the best of you at family dinner last night, sweat it out, get it out, and wake your body up after over indulging on comfort foods (click here for our Sugar Hangover SOS). Don’t dwell on the fact that you finished the pumpkin pie after everyone left, just help your body recover and remember why you choose to commit to a healthy, cleaner lifestyle. It feels great and your body will be infinitely thankful for your mindful choices.

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