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Finding Your Perfect Match

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If you’re planning a retreat for your corporate team, chances are you have a lot on your plate to begin with. How can you ensure your trip comes out “just right” when the whole thing is already miles down your to-do list? Good thing at Paraiso we’re experts in our field. We’ll let you focus on your work hard (play hard) undertakings, and we’ll make your paradise happen.

A central aspect of our travel curating process is what we call “finding your perfect match”. We get to know the ins and outs of each company we work with, and create an adventure that fits specifications you didn’t even know you had. The way it works is simple: we start with the world at our fingertips. We could take you anywhere and do anything. But you aren’t just anyone. As we work with corporate groups, we sculpt the perfect trip using even the smallest details to whittle down options into the most befitting trip we can craft.

Paraiso Adventures Corporate Travel

For our most recent corporate adventure with a hard-working investment group, we learned quickly that the team could not be away from New York during trading hours. Challenge accepted: which gorgeous destinations had direct flights out of NY on Friday evenings? As for space, we knew we needed NO board rooms, and ALL the surf boards. This team was looking for FUN, and we matched it spot on. Does your crew need zen massages or a hearty night out on the town? Or maybe both? At Paraiso, we get so much joy out of finding the perfect match for our corporate teams, and yours might be next. Contact us for more information about our retreats; we’d love to toss some ideas around with you.

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