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Details, Details, Details!

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The reason we work with corporate groups to create travel is so that we can produce amazing trips conducive to team bonding, leadership development, and which promote happiness in a professional sphere. When we work with corporate groups, our first priority is to get to know the company and team inside and out. We set out to create an experience that perfectly fits the group. Throughout this process, we rely on the input, goals, specifications, and hopes of the client we work with. It is a very interactive process. The companies we work with come from a broad array of fields, but they have one thing in common: they are creative, dynamic, engaged, and smart. Your company’s intentions guide the travel-planning process, and we are all about teamwork to make the dream work.

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Once we’ve nailed the dream, though, it’s time to address the details. Funnily enough, while things like flights, hotels, transportation, food, excursions and airport transfers make your average busy professional cringe, they’ve got our retreat experts giddy with excitement. You can count on us covering the details. We have contacts, experience, and intel in even the most  minute areas of travel planning, and we can’t wait to line up all the pieces of your travel puzzle. Attention to detail? Check!

When your company travels with Paraiso, you can rest assured that we’ve got the nitty gritty on lock. Together,  we’ll create the trip of your dreams, and then we’ll singlehandedly make sure that each and every little detail lines up to make your experience  perfect. We work with top tier airlines, hotels, and local and international companies to ensure that each little piece of your experience lines up. We work for the best and with the best. BOOM. DONE. Now, let’s plan a getaway.

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