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Panama City, Panama

Pearl Islands Panama Travel Paraiso Adventures

Journey to Panama, where the sun rises over the Caribbean and sets over the Pacific. This small Central American country is most famous for its canal connecting the two oceans, but it also has breathtaking beaches with turquoise water like those at the Pearl Islands, Bocas del Toro and San Blas. Panama is also covered in majestic, untouched rain forests that offer the perfect experience for the adventurer in you (and yes, there are sloths!) When you finish your excursions head back to the capital, Panama City (not to be confused with Panama City, Florida) which boasts top-notch restaurants and vibrant nightlife. Panama City is the perfect jumping point for the rest of this breathtaking country, or the perfect long weekend getaway. There are endless possibilities in Panama-let Paraiso Adventures take you there!Pearl Islands Panama Travel Paraiso Adventures

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Three days in Panama City it is possible to see the sites, experience the culture, dance the night away and hit the seas (either of them!). With the Panamanian Riviera a quick drive out of the city, clean, white sand beaches are the perfect day trip to escape the urban scene. Surfing, seaside dining, and everything a beach goer could ask for is available. Boating more your thing, set sail from the marina to explore the Pearl Islands, or even an overnight trip to San Blas. The Caribbean is only an hour’s drive, the mountains and rivers as well. There is so much to do, but of course Panama caters to rest and relaxation as well. The hospitality, vibrance and scenery will not disappoint!

Pearl Islands Panama Travel Paraiso Adventures American Trade HotelPANAMA EXCURSION OPTIONS: 

  • Surf
  • White water rafting
  • Sailing & yachting
  • Panama canal & old town tour
  • Culture
  • Diving
  • Hiking
  • Yoga & fitness
  • Environmental studies
  • Private transportation

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Pearl Islands Panama Travel Paraiso Adventures SurfingGETTING THERE: 

  • Fly into Panama City, Panama. The airport code is PTY. Panama City is only 20 minutes from the airport. If Panama City is a jumping place, there are hopper flights, bus and boat connections to surrounding islands. 

Pearl Islands Panama Travel Paraiso Adventures White Water Rafting
KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: (75-110 words)

  •   Be sure your passport won’t be expiring within the next six months.
  •   We recommend incorporating probiotics into your diet before and while traveling abroad.
  •   Click here to consider our packing recommendations for travel in Panama.
  •   Click here for a fact sheet on Panama.

Pearl Islands Panama Travel Paraiso Adventures

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