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Destination: Lisbon

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A trip to Lisbon, Portugal is like a journey way back in time to a time where details were the focus. From the tile work on a building’s façade, to intricately paved designs in the numerous town squares, or plaças. Europe’s western most capital city, Lisbon boasts a vibrant culture. Entertaining nightlife, gorgeous architecture, extremely mild, comfortable Mediterranean climate and a spectacular geography of cliffs, beaches, moutons, rivers, vineyards and microclimates.

Lisbon is where we will begin to introduce the gorgeous country of Portugal to you, with five distinct districts to explore. The city is shaped somewhat like a bowl over the mouth of the Tagus river. There are seven peaks that tower over the river with gorgeous view points, cafes and even a castle. It’s easy to get around by tram, metro, tuk tuk, taxi, private van or best of all, by foot. Paraiso Adventures Lisbon Portugal Travel Adventure Explore 1

• BAIXA: Old Pombaline Downtown

• EL CHIADO: Boho Style called “The Montmartre of Lisbon”.

• BAIRRO ALTO: Boho and Busy with lots of nightlife and best shopping.

• LA ALFAMA: traditional and quiet

• BELEM: far from downtown, has most of the important monuments and best views and panoramic of the city

Paraiso Adventures Lisbon Portugal Travel Adventure Explore

Lisbon makes for a fantastic home base or jumping point to see the rest of Portugal. Porto is only three hours by train or car to the north, or even a quick Ryan air flight. Three hours to the south is the stunning Algarve coast line, a piece of paradise everyone definitely needs to add to their bucket list! We have already started planning and booking custom vacations to Portugal for the 2016 spring and summer season, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your dream adventure abroad!

Paraiso Adventures Lisbon Portugal Travel Adventure Explore 2

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