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Austin LIggett Paraiso Adventures Travel Cuba Nina Ornstein

Cuba, Te Amo!

By Nina Ornstein

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Austin and I just finished our first visit to Cuba on a long weekend warrior trip lasting five days and four nights. With very poco tiempo, we saw a lot and learned even more.Austin LIggett Paraiso Adventures Travel Cuba Nina Ornstein

The United States is now allowing Americans to enter Cuba directly via “People to People” travel, a concept I will go into soon. This destination has long been on my list, so in honor of my birthday (May 1) and checking off one of the greatest adventures claiming space on our bucket list; we explored.  Austin LIggett Paraiso Adventures Travel Cuba Nina OrnsteinI’m still processing the many elements of our adventure, writing things down and editing photos. I wanted to begin sharing some of our experience with you asap because I believe everyone should visit Cuba soon, and with a well thought-out itinerary in hand. Cuba is accessible, safe and transformational, and can be very conscious and comfortable when executed correctly.  Austin LIggett Paraiso Adventures Travel Cuba Nina Ornstein Austin and I put extensive research into our trip, resulting in excellent local connections and solutions for any challenges or hesitations you  may have.My relationships and itinerary recommendations will be very helpful in planning. We are planning future group trips beginning this fall, please contact me if you want to be on the list for that information. Nina@ParaisoAdventures.comCuba was many things, but I will begin with generous, educational and alive. I’m posting photos on my Instagram feed and story, as well as the Paraiso Instagram so please follow the adventure over there between blogs! Please send me questions on Cuba travel, I would love to help! I look forward to sharing the details of our experience.Casa Alex Playa Larga Cuba Matanzas Travel Casa Paticular Hotel

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