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Corporate Retreats: The Follow Up

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We love planning travel for corporate groups! It is so rewarding to be a part of a special experience for hardworking, creative, and vibrant work teams. When we work with our corporate groups, we start right at the beginning of the process by getting to know the team. Next, we scheme away with company representatives to come up with the perfect getaway that meets the group needs. We’re obsessed with details and making sure each piece of your adventure is up to our standards of perfection. When it’s go time, we travel with your group each leg of the way, and make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the trip. When we’re back on home turf, it’s time to follow up!

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We always maintain our relationships with our corporate groups even once we’re back home and it’s back to the office time. We’re usually connecting with HR reps mere hours after the group says goodbye, because we’ve got a bucket full of lost and found items to return haha! Feedback, too, is so important to us. We ask every guest to provide feedback about what they loved about their experience and anything they would like to see done differently next time. We do a thorough post-mortem of the trip and review how everything went, from multiple perspectives. That way, we’re all ready to go for round two!!

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