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Corporate Play by Play: Here We Go!

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There’s nothing quite like a smooth-as-butter getaway with your work crew, when a short trip away from the office goes down without a single hitch. We’re here to make that happen. We know that your corporate group is busy, stressed, and pressed for time to begin with. That’s why we’re along to make sure all goes according to plan (and beyond!). Here’s a quick play by play.

On our most recent corporate retreat with an investment trading team from Manhattan, the getaway started right inside the office. Of course we already knew our guests inside out, and had spent time going through every travel detail. Now, it’s time to jet set. The markets close at 4pm and our guys are finally ready for their weekend away in Barbados. The Paraiso team is already at their office ready to make the transition from desk to beach FLAWLESS. It’s a Friday afternoon, and there is no better way to celebrate than with a few after-work cocktails. We’ve brought the happy to hour on wheels to the trading office, and everyone gets to mingle and get revved up for an evening of travel while we manage the details behind the scenes. Without our group even noticing, we’ve got buses ready to roll, passports collected, luggage organized, and we’re off all herded off to the airport! Who knew it could be so “easy”!?

Paraiso Adventures Corporate Lunch


When we travel with our corporate groups, we’re handling everything right out of the gate. We make sure the airport check-in process is seamless, the excited team stays together, and that we’re all on schedule! We’re making sure drivers get tipped, documents are in order, and everyone knows where they need to be. Both the traveling hospitality team (us), and the local hospitality team (our liaisons and team members at our destination) are constantly communicating to make sure that these travel transitions go smoothly. Local transportation is all pre-arranged, and our guests arrive at gorgeous accommodations where their rooms are pre-stocked with whatever they need (think sunscreen, food, swag, welcome bags, etc.).  

Once we’re settled in paradise, the Paraiso team will lead an orientation featuring info on the area, safety precautions, and a full and comprehensive itinerary overview. We of course facilitate any work related meetings, presentations, reviews, or workshops you have planned, and then balance those with a hearty dose of fun and relaxation. We’ll always be present as a liaison between our guests and the accommodations and services we use. If you EVER need ANYTHING, we’re your go-to. We’ll be checking in with all guests as the trip progresses, and will be familiar with all of your group’s needs!

Paraiso Adventures Boating Barbados

On our last corporate trip to Barbados, being aware of guest needs meant having a catamaran yacht docked right outside the hotel minute one of day one. After breakfast, we all climbed aboard for a cruising day of fun and sun, boss’ orders! We’ll ensure fun and safety all trip long, and handle everything that comes our way (both expected and unexpected!). Everyone gets back home in one piece, happy, rested, and ready for another week in the office with a mind full of memories to fuel all that hard work.

Paraiso Adventures Boat Team

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