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Catching Up with Paraiso

By Nina Ornstein

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It’s Monday morning and I’m back in my New York City office. What a difference a week can make! Last Monday I dropped Austin at the Tambor airport in Costa Rica, drove to Montezuma and hiked up to the waterfalls to go for a swim with the Sacred Sounds retreat. This scenario is also my office, but the setting is oh-so different. My work, you see, is an interesting dichotomy of very active, ambitious adventure seeking and then putting it all into words aka a pretty package. It’s one thing to go on an adventure, it’s another to translate said fun into words so that others can vicariously play along. Part of my goal when starting Paraiso was to open up the world for everyone to see. This can’t always been done in person, therefore the blog and social media can virtually open the world. So here I am, translating my last romp in paradise and preparing for the next.

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Costa Rica was a blast! Our two yoga retreats were really satisfied the soul and consisted of a beautiful blend of personalities, an amazing paradise team and of course the exotic Santa Teresa setting. I sincerely love being able to witness the journey people take when signing up for a retreat. Some are on a mission for self-improvement, to let things go, to have an exciting new experience and/or simply be in paradise. It’s a heart-warming experience seeing everyone come together, motivating one another to move in the direction of true happiness. The team spirit that arises in the retreat setting is unparalleled. Everyone brings inspiration to the table, offering a unique support system that holds a very beautiful space throughout the course of the trip. There is singing, dancing, laughing, crying, and just about every other form of expression. This is people tapping into their true authentic selves. Letting down the barriers and inviting in personal freedom and human connection.

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The Paraiso team is present and attentive to provide all of the resources to complete the formula. My outstanding team of wellness, hospitality and travel professionals commit to a standard of excellence and experience, ensuring that all boxes are checked for the perfect getaway. It is with joy that the kitchen staff whips up morning smoothies, lead students in empanada or ceviche cooking school, and customize the menu so that everyone is perfectly content. Our hospitality team tends to the details, big and small, for it is these details that create the strong foundation that allows our guests to truly check out. Our excursion leaders come together to make people feel safe and confident as guests venture into unknown territories of adventure. There are many firsts that are crossed off the bucket list while on retreats with us, it is my job to make sure everyone involved is committed to the Paraiso objectives.

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Because everyone comes on Paraiso Adventures for a different reason, a well-rounded refuge of contentment is in place, no matter the destination. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my team bond with guests, forming life long connections with new people that will continue to open gratifying doors of opportunity to come back to this happy place at any time. Life is grand. Have a great Monday, give it all  you’ve got!

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Photos by Tyler Batson, follow his story on IG at @digitalstorytyler 

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