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Bequia’s Best

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Welcome to Bequia, a charming and beautiful island in the South Caribbean. In case you haven’t heard, this island is an absolute dream of a location. We are so excited about this stunning Caribbean gem, and could not be more elated to add Bequia to our roster! Here are the basics; study up!

Name: Bequia is pronounced “BECK-WAY”. The word Bequia means “island of the clouds” in Arawak, an ancient language spoken by the the Lokono people of South America.

Paraiso Adventures Bequia

Where: Bequia is an island in the Caribbean Sea. It is a part of the island chain called The Grenadines, which are bracketed by Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the North, and Grenada in the South. Bequia is a part of the island-country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Bequia is quite small, measuring 7 square miles. The island can be reached via short hopper flights from St Vincent OR Barbados. Barbados in particular can be reached via Jet Blue and American Airlines from many American cities, and then a transfer can be made to Bequia.

Paraiso Adventures Bequia Harbor

History: In its earliest history, Bequia was a home to native Arawaks and Caribs who used the island for fishing and farming. Later, during the Caribbean’s tumultuous colonial history of the 1700s, Bequia came under French colonial rule and later British colonial rule. The island became involved in the production of coffee, and arrowroot starch. Bequia became  independent from Great Britain in 1979, and is now a part of the island state of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Paraiso Adventures Bequia Band

Money: The local currency in Bequia is The Eastern Caribbean Dollar. Many places on the island accept VISA or Mastercard, but it might be worth having enough cash for buying from street merchants and other smaller businesses. Many places in Bequia will accept US Dollars, but keep in mind that you will get Eastern Caribbean Dollars back as change. You can expect to tip 10% on food and services.

Paraiso Adventures Bequia Boat

Language: The official language of Bequia is English.

Food: There are a range of restaurants in Bequia serving different types of cuisines. Especially yummy are dishes with a Caribbean influence and those whose ingredients are locally sourced!  

Paraiso Adventures Bequia Beach Sign

Weather: Mostly beautiful weather all year round in Bequia! Daytime average temperatures range from the mid 70s the high 80s Fahrenheit. As for seasons, Bequia has a “dry” season from December through May when skies are clear, humidity is low, and there is little precipitation. In the warmer “rainy season” of May to November, you will find the occasional cooling shower and heavy downpour. Hurricanes do not often hit the Grenadines island chain.

Electricity: Purchase and pack adaptors to be compatible with Bequia’s 220/240 volts, 50 cycle electricity.

Time: During Daylight Savings Time (April-October), local time in Bequia is the same time as Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).  During the rest of the year, Bequia time is one hour ahead of New York time.

Paraiso Adventures Bequia Road

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