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Bangkok in 1 day

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The Myanmar adventure with my mom entailed a lot of flights. My mom took 11, I took nine. To start, we flew from NYC to Bangkok via Tokyo. After the 13 hour leg the 8 hour leg flew by. Before we knew it, we were in Bangkok and it was 11:30pm two days later. My mom and I only carried on so we breezed through customs and there we were! Ready to make some memories and start adjusting to the 12 hour time difference.

First stop, the ATM. We loaded up on Thai Baht and found ourselves a taxi. Travel tip: Always screen shot the map to your hotel, the name, address and phone number of your hotel. Lost in translation turns into lost in Bangkok really fast. The driver can easily call your hotel for directions. Write this info down as well in case your phone is dead, which eventually will happen so be prepared!
Nina Ornstein Bangkok Thailand Travel Asia Paraiso Adventures Hotel IndigoI was super excited to get back to the Sukhumvit area near Lumpini Park. This is where I stayed last year, it’s a more upscale and less chaotic than old town. Also very convenient to the metro, which stops running at midnight but cabs are cheap and easy late night. Already having my bearings, I lead my mom out into the nocturnal street food scene of Bangkok. I knew exactly where to find the best Thai food in the world… curry, noodles, morning glory, Sing-ha, and coconut (obvi). Heaven. Nina Ornstein Bangkok Thailand Travel Asia Paraiso Adventures Hotel IndigoWe were up with the sun the first morning, so naturally I headed to the roof to take photos. I get so excited when I’m on an adventure that sleep depravation doesn’t affect me immediately. Eventually, yes, but the first days are full of FOMO. My mom and I ventured to old town and China town for some culture shock. My last trip to Bangkok consisted of getting to know the street food, the Thai massages, the pool, the breakfast buffet and the train.With the company of my mom, this time I explored a little more, developing a solid understanding of the city. We took the train, to a boat, disembarking in old town touring by foot. The crowds were immense and the sites were tremendous. I thought my mom and I would stay in lost in the flower market forever. What a happy place to wander! Until we realized how tired (and hot!) we were that is! Finding refuge in an air-conditioned café, we talked travel with a really nice couple from Tennessee. I loved walking this loop and making new friends but found myself exhausted and in need of many coconut breaks along the way. It’s always important to listen to your body!Back at Indigo, my mom and I enjoyed the sunset from the roof top over wine. We then continued on to a gorgeous spa oasis I discovered last year down a hidden just down the alley behind Hotel Indigo. Bhawa Spa is what everyone needs after a trek like ours. We indulged in jet-lag inspired facials, with a fabulous foot and leg massage. Sharing this with my mom was really special, truly the perfect end to the perfect day.The staff at Indigo are always friendly and helpful, the hotel had a vintage music décor that is really fun and bright. The beds at Hotel Indigo are incredibly comfortable, something that definitely helped ease the effects of our time travel. I recommend having Bangkok as a jump-off destination when traveling in Asia because it is nice to take a couple of days to adjust on the other side of the world. This vibrant city is safe, welcoming, convenient and affordable. Nina Ornstein Bangkok Thailand Travel Asia Paraiso Adventures Hotel Indigo


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