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Cacti Las Cruces Baja California Sur Mexico

A Little Baja for Everyone

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We love visiting Baja California Sur. It’s stunningly beautiful, and there’s so much to do. Don’t believe us? The American Travel Trade Association just spent 9 days there, getting to know this incredible region. One of their visitors was Clifton Wilkinson, who works for Lonely Planet as their Destination Editor for Mexico, and even he was impressed by the huge assortment of different activities for different travelers–just watch this video about his experience!

Plaza in Todos Santos Baja California Sur Mexico


The 9-day ATTA trip included a lot of different things to do. Their first day, they did a sunset cruise around Los Cabos, where they saw the iconic rock arch representing the meeting of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes–and the sea lions that lounge there! On their second day, they explored an uninhabited island, Espiritu Santo, which is a short boat ride from the city of La Paz, and is a UNESCO biosphere reserve–here, they kayaked, snorkeled, scuba dove, and hiked. Their third day was spent at Todos Santos, one of Paraiso’s favorite places. Todos Santos is home to Hotel California, a great surfing destination, and was named one of National Geographic’s Best Adventure Destinations in 2012, with options to hike, surf, and rock climb. For their fourth day, the ATTA group helped conservation leaders work on their sea turtle project at Puerto Chale, as well as exploring sand dunes and whale- and bird-watching. Their fifth day was spent exploring Loreto, one of Baja Surs oldest towns that was founded by Jesuit monks in 1697, and surrounded by the Giganta Sierra and the Sea of Cortes, and has a National Marine Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with over 800 species of marine life, many of which are endangered. For their sixth day, they swam at la Concepcion Bay, which is believed to be the most beautiful beach of Baja Sur; ate lunch at a local fisherman’s restaurant, visited the historic mining town of Santa Rosalia de Mulege, which has a metal church designed by Gustav Eiffel (of Eiffel Tower fame) and the oldest bakery of California Baja Sur; and visited the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, which is full of desert vegetation. Day seven was spent exploring the caves at Sierra de San Francisco, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, which features 7,500-year-old cave paintings left by the ancestors of the Cochimi Indians, and ended with whale watching on the shores of San Ignacio Lagoon. The last day was spent in San Ignacio Bay, a favorite of gray whales, then visiting Mulege Mission, and seeing the largest cactus in the region.

Kayaking Sea of Cortez Las Cruces Baja California Sur Mexico


All in all, the ATTA trip featured nature, animals, sports, history, food, and giving back to the community. All of these experiences are integral parts of Baja California Sur, and the region wouldn’t be the same without every one of them. It’s why we love visiting this area so much!

Shoreline Las Cruces Baja California Sur Mexico

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