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5 Ways to Calm Anxiety with Yoga

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One in four children age 13-18 suffers from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety affects adults as well and almost everyone suffers from occasional nervousness. Yoga is a “mindfulness based exercise” meaning it makes you more in touch with your body and breath, helping eliminate negative thoughts. Here are 5 yoga practices to help calm down:

  1. Meditation-Meditation is a big part of yoga as yoga is not just about stretches and flexibility, it is also about spirituality. Sit in a silent room with your eyes closed and think about what is bothering you in the calmest way possible. Forgive yourself and think about the positives instead.
  2. Alternative Nostril Breathing-Simply take turns closing one nostril and breathing deeply through the other. It calms the nervous system quickly and takes your mind off things bothering you. Breathing exercises are always great to calm down.
  3. Child’s Pose-In yoga, the third eye, or chakra, is a pressure point between the eyes. It is believed that when the chakra touches the ground in this pose, it helps calm the body. pachamama-mexico-1206-1
  4. Walking Meditation-Walk around slowly in a quiet space and breath in and out on counts of 4. Meditation while walking can be even more effective than regular meditation and walking around is always great in general.
  5. Corpse Pose-In this pose, just lay on your back and let your arms and legs loosen up. The goal of this pose is to feel grounded and being grounded will help you throughout the day to feel less stress. Do this at the end of your yoga routine and if you want you can just do these five yoga practices, just save corpse for last!img_4296

If you have anxiety and want an easy, natural way to help, consider yoga because the spiritual aspect of it can really work! Practice makes (almost) perfect, so be patient with yourself. Calmness, even with strong intentions, does not necessarily come quickly. You must take the time to allow yourself to relax. Educate, enlighten and show up for yourself.


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