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5 Travel Tips to Celebrate Earth Day

By Veronika Kostova

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Today is Earth Day and that is our chance to raise awareness that we have to celebrate/save our beautiful planet! There are many different ways to do so and you probably already know some little tips and tricks that save energy and make your life a little greener. You can protect the earth by doing more than just turning off the lights whenever you can and driving less especially. Here are five tips on how to travel eco friendly.Nina Ornstein Las Cruces Baja Travel Explore Mexico Paraiso Adventures

1. Don’t litter

This might be an obvious one since no one wants to live with garbage lying around. But it becomes serious when the plastic you throw away lands in the ocean and kills the plants and animals that are getting in contact with it. You can even join a beach clean up or you can take a look at project called The Ocean Clean Up.

2. Use a Bike/Public Transportation

Not only is this a great way to exercise, but you will also see more of the place that you are visiting! You will get the chance to see everything up close, you will get in contact with the people and discover more of the hidden treasures of the city. In every major city you will have public transportation and nowadays you can also find bike stations everywhere.

3. Fly Non-Stop

Did you know that takeoffs and landings boost carbon emissions by 10% to 35%? Get a direct flight to your destination if possible and reduce your carbon footprint and also get to your destination faster. You can also chose an airlines that is more eco-friendly like Alaska Airlines.

4. Pack Smart

Do you really need all the stuff you have in your carry-on?! Go through all the disposable snacks, Ziplocs, water bottles, wrapping paper for gifts that you have and see how much you will throw away on you travels. Multiply that by the nearly 2 million people who pass through security in the U.S. each day and you’ve got quite the trash pile. Take only what you really need and and chose a reusable option if possible.

5. Take a Volunteer Vacation

You are committed to give the planet everything you’ve got? You want to go somewhere where you have never been but also preserve the planet? Here is your chance! Check out Globe Aware and see how you can travel and volunteer to make this a better place.

There are many different ways to give back to our planet and its time for all of us to do so! Think before you go on a vacation and plan your stay well. Let’s keep our earth the way it is; we only have one! Happy Earth Day! Nina Ornstein Inle Lake Myanmar Asia Travel Paraiso Adventures Photography

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