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5 Style Tips for Long Flights

By paraisoadventures

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Passport, check! Flights, yup! Amazing itinerary, always! Carry-on suitcase packed for your adventure, done! The only thing that’s missing is the perfect travel outfit. For some reason or another, many people become nervous before long flights. In my opinion, a lot of this anxiety boils down to discomfort. If you’re relaxed and comfortable, odds are your long journey to paradise will be easier. Another thing to consider this time of year, especially when flying to a city rather than a beach destination is what to wear on the plane and the first day of travel. Comfortable chic is my go-to look. A style that’s along the lines of athleisure, plus a leather jacket and scarf if my destination is Europe.

I hit the ground running so I really need my rest on my flight. I need the energy to power through the first few days of jet lag, and whatever obstacle come with exploring unchartered destinations. I also need to feel fresh and presentable because I often times meet with a property or tour operator client right away. Believe it or not, when I’m doing all this travel behind-the-scenes meetings are sprinkled throughout my itinerary even when I’m not with clients. In effort to achieve that great first impression, on both the country and the country on me, I have a few standard items that ease the transition from plane to paradise.

  1. Fabric first: Choose cozy fabrics always that both breathe and give. Sitting on an airplane for hours requires maximum comfort, otherwise the confined space, stuffy air and fellow passengers can really get to you. For the top,cotton is always good against the skin. And for pants, I recommend something with a stretch such as leggings or stretchy jeans. It is more comfortable and healthy to always keep your blood circulating well.
  2. Layering is important: If you wear a lot of layers, you can not really get cold or warm because you can always pull a layer on or off. In addition, you can present different looks. Also, considering you might be wearing leggings, make sure you have a base layer that is at least mid-thigh length for so many reasons. Just believe me and put that extra long tank top on first, a flowy overside t-shirt or chunky sweater.
  3. Top it off: A jacket will always make you look polished, but please pay attention to the fabric. You definitely don’t want to be flying in something that wrinkles easily, or anything that’s too heavy. Even in the coldest months, a light-weight down jacket will prove more convenient than a wool peacoat. Weather permitting, I opt for a leather jacket. In warmer months, or with a warm destination in, I always turn to the trusty hoodie. The best choice is always a relaxed, soft, spacious and loose-fitting jacket.
  4. Simple and comfortable shoes: Choose flat, comfortable but also nice shoes, and never sandals. You need to protect your feet on the flight so they can handle the hikes up ahead. I’ve been using compression socks for long flights lately to handle any swelling. And then I always keep a pair of fuzzy socks in my bag for a second layer. I prefer to wear my sneakers, or boots when traveling to save space in my suitcase.
  5. Take the right Bag: The most important on traveling is your choice of the bag. Choose a large lightweight bag that won’t wreck your body. Backpacks definitely displace the weight evenly, I always try to avoid an overstuffed shoulder bag unless it can cross my body. I’m not trying to mess up my shoulder/neck/back with this common mistake.

There’s a whole world that exists between pajamas and formal wear, and plenty of clothes that not only help you get the best rest in your seat. Dressing with a little style – while conscious of comfort, can make the space in your itinerary to take it all in and enjoy every second of your adventure. I always like to recommend these tips to my clients because I handle all of the other details, but their attitude is up to them. Nothing can stand in the way of a great time when we are positive and feeling good. Now get out there and see the world!

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