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Adios Plastic!

Created as a matter of convenience, plastic now haunts the earth for what seems to be an eternity. Different kinds of plastic can degrade at different times, but the average time for a plastic bottle to completely degrade is at least 450 years. It can even take some bottles 1000 years to biodegrade! That’s a […]

Breakfast in Bed: Grain Free Pancakes

Hibernation is an essential part of surviving the weekend. In fact, sleeping in on the weekends is up there with taking a couple of beach trips to get you through the colder months. Why stop with sleeping in? Make breakfast (or brunch) in bed a part of your winter regimen and soak up those fluffy […]

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Swiss Alps Ski Weekend

I’ve been around the world and back again since I last wrote. The Myanmar story is going to be a doozy, so while I finish absorbing those memories and getting them organized for your reading, I’ll leave you some love from my most recent adventure. A long weekend in the Swiss Alps sounds a little […]

Cheers! Happy Margarita Day!

It’s Wednesday, so it’s almost the weekend, right? Weekend or not, today is officially National Margarita Day! How will you be celebrating? To ring in this very exciting holiday, we’ve gathered some fun facts on our favorite cocktail. Loved and consumed by thousands, friends and families around the world honor this sacred tequila, triple sec […]

5 Style Tips for Long Flights

Passport, check! Flights, yup! Amazing itinerary, always! Carry-on suitcase packed for your adventure, done! The only thing that’s missing is the perfect travel outfit. For some reason or another, many people become nervous before long flights. In my opinion, a lot of this anxiety boils down to discomfort. If you’re relaxed and comfortable, odds are […]

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Charcoal – Trendy Mocktail & Travel Essential

I’ve always loved street food, and this is can present challenges at times. From beach ceviche in Mexico to night market curries in Myanmar. I managed to not get sick and I owe it all to probiotics and charcoal. This is why I decided to share my tips and tricks about how to keep healthy […]

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Rise of the Haute Hotel

For those on the road for either business or pleasure, a comfortable lodging experience lays the foundation for a great travel experience. Those who are used to luxury hotels with advanced amenities should consider the recent popularity of haute hotels that offer comparable, if not better amenities but at the same time provide travelers with […]

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Salud! Tasty Smoothie Hacks

I’ve been really into posting my smoothies on my Instagram stories lately. I know not many people are following that new feature of IG, but for those that have know that I’m quite the mixoligist when it comes to green liquid goodness first thing in the morning. I try to blend only local, seasonal produce. […]

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