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Costa Rica’s Renewable Energy

In recent years, Costa Rica has become one of the ideal tourist destinations not only because of its close proximity to the US, but more importantly its fantastic tropical environment and beautiful beaches. However, Costa Rica has been in the news recently for an entirely different reason – its 100% renewable energy effort. According to Independent […]

Where in the World is Cartagena?

Cartagena, Colombia is located on the country’s northern coast directly on the sparkling Caribbean. Cartagena is right behind the largest Colombian city in the Caribbean region, Barranquilla, in terms of population. Cartagena is in the Bolivar department of the region while Barranquilla is right next door in the Atlantico department to the east. Cartagena is only a […]

Behind the Scenes at Bandier

In a growing market for luxury women’s athletic wear, Bandier shines brightly. The company started in 2014 in Southampton and has 5 locations already in 2016, including one right by the Paraiso Adventures office in the Flatiron District! Bandier is looking to build more stores in Los Angeles and Miami as they’re gaining a lot […]

Paraiso Live Yoga Event at Bandier New York

Welcome to our urban retreat, surrounded by positive, inspirational people. In honor of fierce marathon warriors, we have crafted an experience that will set your soul free. We’ve traveled the world meeting people, collecting music and making memories. For one hour we’re bringing all this love back to you right here in New York City. […]

5 Ways to Calm Anxiety with Yoga

One in four children age 13-18 suffers from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety affects adults as well and almost everyone suffers from occasional nervousness. Yoga is a “mindfulness based exercise” meaning it makes you more in touch with your body and breath, helping eliminate negative thoughts. Here are 5 yoga practices to help calm down: Meditation-Meditation […]

Eat, Drink & Be Cultured in Todos Santos

With all this wedding planning I have a plethora of information to share with everyone on the Todos Santos area! Below you will find my recommendations for eating, drinking and checking out local culture. I would love nothing more than to accommodate groups in the future, plan more weddings and photo shoots in this area. […]

What Motivates Me?

Two specific characteristics exits at my core that I believe describe both Paraiso and me perfectly. And that is my passion for bringing people together and curating an enriching experience. This week is especially exciting for me because Austin and I are getting married this Saturday in my fave spot, Todos Santos. A ridiculous amount […]

Healthy, Safe Travel in Latin America

It’s easy to stay safe and healthy in Latin America, just as long as you follow a few guidelines. Every country is different in Latin America so do a good amount of research on the individual country before you head there. Don’t forget to do your research on water quality in the country or countries […]

You’ve Lost Your Passport, Now What?

If you lose your passport, you will need to act fast the second you realize it’s gone. When dealing with your passport, it’s crucial to always have it near your body or secured in a safe place. But things happen, so here’s what to do when bad things go down. The first thing you should do […]

Cartagena Food & Culture

Located on the Northern Caribbean coast of Colombia, this vibrant city has influence from the Spanish, Africans and Native Americans that have mixed to form the Cartagenero culture. The city and the whole Caribbean region in general is full of some of the happiest people in the world. Coastal Colombians know how to enjoy life with good […]

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