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Paraiso Adventures Crazy Water Sports

Hit the Water: This Season’s Hottest Ocean Sports

It’s summer and that means it’s time to get to the ocean and have some fun. If just swimming and bodyboarding doesn’t do it for you, here’s a list of some of the best water sports that can be done anywhere. Kitesurfing Kitesurfing is growing in popularity and was almost added to the Sailing program […]

Paraiso Adventures Tulum Cenotes

Underwater Adventures in Tulum

By: Vincent Curatolo Tulum is a great spot that surrounds you with Mayan history and the beauty of the Caribbean sea. Just off the coast is the Great Maya Reef, the second largest in the world after the Great Barrier Reef. There are countless options for scuba and snorkeling on the reef and also in cenotes […]

Nina Ornstein Shannon Barker Derren Versoza Pachamama Mexico The Paradise Society Paraiso Adventures Travel Fashion Mexico Todos Santos

Behind the Scenes at Pachamama Mexico

As you may already know, I’ve recently wrapped another unbelievable photo shoot with The Paradise Society in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. The Paradise Society is a side project of Paraiso that combines fashion, adventure and wellness into one beautiful photo portfolio. The trips are cosponsored by complementary brands that share values and image, […]

Beach Beauty Tips & Tricks

So you’re off to the beach…lucky you! The environment at the beach is a little different than what all of us without the privilege of being year-round beach bums are used to, and it’s easy for your body, skin, and hair to take a hard hit from all that sun, sand, and salt. But with […]

Paraiso Adventures Bocas del Toro beach snorkel

Snorkeling, exploring, and soaking up the Bocas del Toro Islands

The Bocas del Toro Islands are made up of 10 main islands (Isla Colón, Cayos Zapatilla, Isla Bastimentos,Isla Carenero, Isla Cayo Agua, Isla Cristóbal, Isla Popa, Isla Solarte, Isla Pastores, Isla Bagui) and 250 small cays in the North of Panama on the Caribbean side. They are accessible by quick flights from Panama City (with […]

Paraiso Adventures Nina Ornstein Rancho Las Cruces Mexico Weekend Warrior Travel

Be Your Best Weekend Warrior

Being a Weekend Warrior can be tough! Making the most of every second out of the office should be a well-formulated strategy. All of these extra hours of daylight, combined with the enticing heat and seemingly endless flowing rose’ can lead to severe exhaustion. Oh, and then there’s work. That little thing that pays for […]

Paraiso Adventures Tulum Pyramid

Tulum Pyramids

If you had to choose between Mayan ruins in the jungle or Mayan ruins right next to the beach, which would you choose? If you said ruins near the beach, Tulum is the spot for you. The former Mayan seaport is the only example of Mayan ruins on the coast. While you tour the ruins […]

Paraiso Adventures Panama Islands

Panama’s Surf Scene

Panama is the perfect paradise for surfers. The country has a mix of popular beaches for more novice surfers, and less touched ones for the experienced pro. There are a good amount of beaches in the Panama City area. Panama City is not the only place to surf if you’re visiting the country, but it […]

Paraiso Adventures Concert

Your Friday Night Playlist

ITS FRIDAY NIGHT!!! This can mean a number of different things, and there is a playlist for all of them. Whether you are preparing for a bar hop, house party, BBQ, or settling in after a long day of work, there is always music to match the mood. Here are a few tips to get […]

Paraiso Adventures Summer Berries

Think Globally, Eat Locally: Your Summer Produce Guide

This summer, make it a habit to start going to your local farmer’s market! Food at farmer’s markets is so much better for you, and buying it supports your community’s economy. It might seem easier to go to your supermarket, but remember that most of what they sell there is very processed and not organic. […]

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