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Hooray for Leap Day!

Happy leap day everyone! I recently joined the Paraiso team and look forward to sharing thoughts on my favorite topics: food, fashion, travel, and more! I’ll introduce myself over the next week, but I’m excited to sneak in some motivation on how I recommend spending this much appreciated extra day in the calendar. Every four […]

Pineapple Paraiso Adventures

Pineapple Mint Oatmeal Breakfast in Bed

Give your morning a tropical twist with this creative pineapple mint oatmeal recipe we’ve been craving all week. Saturday’s are all about taking things slowly, letting your pace linger slightly, and indulging in more time consuming meals than, say, your typical smoothie (or just coffee) breakfast routine. Everyone loves pineapples. Its a fact of life. And mint brings […]

Paraiso Adventures Portugal Northern Region

10 Things you Didn’t Know About Portugal’s Vinho Verde

Portugal’s Vinho Verde, which translates directly to Green Wine is an inexpensive, light & fresh wine from the country’s northernmost region. Read on to find out more about the newest Portuguese gem in your wine repertoire! Translating directly to “Green Wine”, Vinho Verde is named not for the color of its grapes, but rather for […]

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A Trip Down Baja’s Memory Lane

The beautiful Baja peninsula runs approximately 1,000 miles south of California. The stunning scenery never disappoints. I think of this journey as a pilgrimage to my home, something I feel the need to do from time to time. The second I set out on Mexico’s highway 1 I feel immediately transported back to a very […]

Paraiso Adventures Mosquito Zika Virus

Zika: The Facts

The Zika Virus has been making headlines the past few weeks as fears mount worldwide about the disease’s risks, spread, and implications. We’ve done our best to compile evidence-based information to address common questions and concerns about the disease. What is the Zika Virus? Zika is a mosquito-borne virus which affects humans. Many Zika virus […]

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Europe’s Best Kept Secret Revealed

Hop across the pond with  me to Western Europe’s most vibrant emerging culture. Lisbon is my newest Euro hotspot that is a hidden gem yet such a quick flight from the east coast United States. How is it possible that a destination only a slightly longer flight than NY > LA is just now emerging? This gorgeous […]

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Catching Up with Paraiso

It’s Monday morning and I’m back in my New York City office. What a difference a week can make! Last Monday I dropped Austin at the Tambor airport in Costa Rica, drove to Montezuma and hiked up to the waterfalls to go for a swim with the Sacred Sounds retreat. This scenario is also my office, […]

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Four Steps for a Saturday Well Spent

A Saturday well spent brings a weekend of content. This glorious day is meant to mend any disruption obligation has caused to your life. We look forward to this day all week long, day dreaming of the freedom that awaits just behind an obnoxious Wednesday, sometimes thirty Thursday and joyous Friday. For some, taking a […]

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Baja in the Spotlight: Conde Nast Features the Baja we Know and Love

Newflash! Conde Nast Traveler featured one of our absolute favorite destinations, the home in Nina’s heart, Baja California Sur, Mexico in their February edition! We could not be happier to see gorgeous shots of Baja’s beaches, spots, and natural beauty collaged across CNTraveler‘s social platforms as they explore this perfect location. In this shot, fishing boats […]

Color Therapy

All of a sudden, all my friends switched from Netflix to coloring! Everything started when I began to see different kind of mandala books to be colored on my Instagram, mostly by close girlfriends in their spare moments or weekends. Then, my illustrator friends showed on social media their new abstract flower coloring hobby and […]

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