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Our 2015 Recap

As 2016 rolls in, we’re turning inward and thinking about all the wonderful things Paraiso has done in 2015. We were so lucky to see beautiful places, meet exceptional people, explore, and experience this awe-inspiring world we call home. Here’s our 2015 recap. We retreated to Costa Rica, twice.  Once for the yoga….  Once for the surf….  […]

Sugar Detox: Yes We Can

We’re finally wrapping up a season of indulgence and it feels so good! It flew by, but the truth is that as we near the end of a whole month of satisfying our cravings and consuming every last delicious crumb of what we have diligently been resisting all year. The belly aches (and bulge), the head aches, the skin break […]

Lisbon’s Best Views

Part of discovering Lisbon, and the magic of this southwest European capital, is visiting the famous “miradouros” of the city. These viewpoints, set on the top of different hills show the best of this romantic, cozy, slow paced city. Everyone has his or her favorite “miradouros”, and so will you. Some of them include on their […]

Back from Holidays

The “More and more and more” season has technically ended and you might feel your body suffering the consequences of the endless indulgence the past month brought. And you might be thinking as well “nah, it’s not time yet, let´s wait till 2016 to begin”. But setting up a plan it´s a great idea during […]

Multi Generation Family On Countryside Walk

Family Time this Holiday Season

It’s holiday time and family’s in town. Family time is such a blessing, and arguably the most important part of the holiday season. However, concentrated time with the few people who know you at your best and your worst can feel overwhelming for many. Here are some simple activities to do with your family this […]

Breakfast in Bed: Overnight French Toast Casserole

So ignoring how we treat ourselves last week is a good idea in order to keep with our Breakfast in Bed Series tradition, right? Then, assuming that you have behaved pretty well all week under the rules of the paleo diet, cleaning juices or the vegan menu, then this recipe is for you. Still a […]

Global Peace Message

Every first day of the year, the entire World celebrates the World Day of Peace, and this 2016 the message is: Overcome Indifference and Win Peace. And though this come from the thoughts of Pope Francis, I think it’s a global accurate message that worth a lecture and a couple of minutes of our time. […]

Cinnamon Benefits

Spices are part of a magic world in the endless, rich, and surprising food galaxy. Spices are what make that normal piece of meet, that plain cake, that healthy yet boring salad, that normal pie, “something else”. And “something else” is what we actually need in our life. That´s why we´ll never say no to […]

Peaceful and warm image of a open book by fireplace.

Holiday Wellness for Mind and Body

The holidays are a wonderful time for rest and celebration with friends and family. However, they are also a notorious time of… overindulgence. Take a moment to consider how to stay mind/body well this season, and you’ll be on your way to a healthy, happy, and relaxing holiday. The first thing we make a point […]

Paros Greece Blue and White, Sunset Paraiso Travel

Ten Reasons to Make Greece your Next Adventure

The people In Greece, we’ve met some of the kindest people in the world. Pictured above is the amazing and multitalented Joia, our local cook in Paros, Greece who welcomed us into her kitchen and taught us how to make delicious Greek dishes. The architecture Picturesque is an understatement when it comes to the beauty of Greek architecture. […]

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