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Paleo Diet: Back to basics

Eating healthy might be kind of a new habit between humans: a new trend after the 80´ – early 90´s fast food fever. It seems that slowly, humans realized that we are what we eat. We gradually understand that we become what we put into our body, and that craving without thinking, plus giving an […]

Meditation at Sunset

Meditation 101

Welcome to Meditation 101: Basic Meditation for Beginners. Your professor? Yours Truly, who was once apprehensive, skeptical, and “too busy” to try meditation. We’re all busy, with commutes, responsibilities, routines, and bank accounts to manage. However, instead of treating these factors as excuses not to meditate, we started to understand them as the exact reasons […]

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Breakfast in Bed: Huevos Rancheros

Mexico is not only one of our favorites destinations for an amazing retreat, but also when we are not living the Baja vibe in-situ, we may actually want to bring a little piece of Mexico home, more precisely to our bed. That´s why today´s ¨Breakfast in Bed¨ is dedicated to a place that gives us […]

Pisco Sour: Best of South America in a cocktail

The long dispute between Chile and Peru on who is the original owner of Pisco might give you a hint that pisco is not just “another type of alcohol”. In fact, at least in my country (Chile) pisco is the national drink, what tequila is to Mexico, what Beers are to every single Irish around […]

Gratitude Smoothie

Show your bod some gratitude this morning with a delicious blend of tropical flavors, vitamins, minerals and fiber that will fill your belly before you feast. Papaya Passion fruit Banana Mixed greens Lemon Hemp seeds Chia seeds Cucumber Ice & water Blend and enjoy! Salud!  

Nut for Nuts!

Last year, in an attempt of loosing some body fat without loosing my daily smile and trying to keep on with a cheerful winter spirit, I quit processed carbs for good. It lasted around 3 months or a bit longer. I remember taking a picture of myself every Friday morning to see the changes over […]

Life at Your Fingertips: Using Technology to Track our Day-to-Day

The practice of self-tracking has been booming in the tech industry in recent years. With literally thousands of apps waiting to improve your life, we can suddenly monitor our every move in a few simple clicks. Feeling low? Download a mindfulness app. Aiming to eat healthier? MyFitnessPal can’t wait to track your calories. Groggy when […]

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Booty Yoga is the New Black

Good Morning Paraiso peeps! Its a new week after an amazing weekend. It is also perfect timing to spread the news on how to boost your Monday morning mindset. At Paraiso we are all about trying new things. New ways to stay fit, relieve stress and add a little excitement to our routine. Yoga is […]

Breakfast in Bed Series: Pumpkin Pancakes

Is all about seasonal market products, and there’s nothing more versatile, cozy and delicious than a beautiful pumpkin. Is like the whole fall season is attached to the ochre color of Pumpkin and its delicious options of cooking it. But because it is a cold windy weekend, we are all allowed to crave the very […]

Wonders of Collagen Masks

Forget the days where facial rituals where all about sticky, creamy face masks that just make a mess everywhere.Thank god for the easy packaging of new facemasks all around the world (special thanks to the Asian market) and welcome into your life (if this is new for you) the wonderful miracles of collagen masks. Collagen […]

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