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Breakfast in Bed Series: “Eggs in Clouds”

You can`t get any better than a Sunday morning breakfast in bed, isn’t it? Or at least I bet it´s tought mission. With the new season low chili temperatures approaching, we see ourselves switching Sunday mornings in the park for cozy pastels blankets and our favorite chai latte in bed surrounded of the latest magazines you […]

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DAYBREAKER Halloween Party

Always joking around on how you are a morning person and parties should been tailored under your kind of lifestyle and therefor start early morning, or at least brunch time? This is the kind of news that will make your dreams come true. Literally. For those that are not in the know,  Daybreaker Parties are kind […]

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Portugal: This Must Be the Place (part 1)

What was my first impression? An immediate sense of being home – I could definitely move here! My typical scale for gauging how I respond a new destination. My years between college and NYC were filled with endless travel, but I always traveled in a very different way. I’m a huge advocate of staying in a new country […]

All Aboard with Apple Cider Vinegar

  Apple Cider Vinegar is the oldest trick in the book, and yet it seems we keep discovering new ways this miraculous liquid can benefit our lives. There are so many reasons to create a strong bond with bonding ]this medium amber color vinegar that comes from (of course) apples. Actually, right up front try to […]

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Probiotics: Your Best Travel Buddy

When stomach issues arise, reaching for the probiotic yogurt is typically recommended. Not just any yogurt. Probiotic yogurt. The magical ingredient moms often told us about when we were kids,  a living (good) bacteria that would help balance our digestive system. A specific kind of yogurt meant to nourish us well and protect us wisely. As grown […]

Your Fall Produce Shopping List

With fall, new temperatures arrive bringing, new colors, new comforts, new trends, new sunsets, and a new routine. As with everything else in life, transitions are key. Gracefully leaving behind your warmer weather routine will help you land in an equally balanced, nutritious and active fall and winter routine. It just takes a little mindful […]

Viva Mexico, Viva Mezcal

Weekend deserves a welcome, a proper one. It´s been a long weekend, we are all a bit desperate for our own “me time” and nothing better than to pamper ourselves with the right amount of leisure. “Right” might sound this weekend like “mezcal”, and from our retreats in Baja, we have already learned how to […]

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Fall Flavors: Apple , Walnuts & Cranberries salad

It´s totally and officially fall season. We can´t deny it anymore and we are actually starting to like it, aren´t we? To say the least, most of us are busy planning winter travel to escape the invitable gloom. Back in business, and leaving behind the leisurely days of free and wild summer sessions, fall is […]

That Bajan Feeling

The world is a beautiful place, and we are very fortunate to be able to move around the globe and visit various destinations. But what makes a destination the place to be? It starts with a feeling deep down in the soul, a profound connection to a culture, an undeniable admiration for scenery or an […]

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Plantains, Patacones and Paradise

While early 2000´s was Ecuador booming with it´s fantastic beaches (everyone remember the long fun warm nights at Montañita Beach) for surfing and relaxing (me definitely in the “relaxing” team) mixed up with cultural colonial small towns as Cuenca and artsy and messy Quito capital, today is definitely the Costa Rica turn. Costa Rica is […]

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