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Wakey, Wakey! 5 Tips to Jump Start Your Morning

The bright and sun- shining early morning hours are behind us, which means waking up can become challenging for some of us. It doesn’t matter how much will-power you possess, it’s only natural to have extra sluggish days where you just can’t get up…. This craving for sleep, your undeniably incessant desire to linger under the covers, […]

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Girl in the Air: Five Travel Tips for Ladies on the GO!

Today we have some really handy travel tips from Trinidad. This woman really knows her fashion… and her travel, coming to Paraiso with a background in fashion blogging both in Chile and NYC. Trini told us that when she travels, she’s usually very excited for her upcoming trip, but always careful to strategically select her […]

A Chance for Peace

We like to start the week of with motivation from our global community. Sometimes it’s wellness, sometimes it’s travel, sometimes it’s working hard in the pursuit of a dream. And with that theme, we are sharing the following interview we recently had with Tyler Batson. Tyler and Nina know one another from way back in […]

Viva la Siesta!

Spoiler alert!! We are so excited to begin introducing our newest team members at Paraiso Adventures! Over the next couple of weeks we will introduce more of these fantastic individuals that are gracing us with their talent and passion for the good life! Today we asked Trinidad, an editor of Chilean descent, to explain the […]


A Friday Morning Escape

Good morning everyone, it’s Nina here! I had such a fantastic start to my day today, I just had to share my early morning adventure with you. Austin and I have been living it up, working extra hard and now preparing for a week of packing, moving and unpacking. We aren’t going far, but one […]

Sipping on Fall Flavor

Hey everyone, it’s Nina! Can you believe it’s FALL! A new season is upon us, which means new produce will slowly be introduced into our menus. As sad as it is to see summer fade, incorporating warming ingredients, making soups and exploring treats like squash, brussels sprouts, apples, pears, and other fall favorites. We are […]

The Equinox, Fall & Change

Today marks the fall equinox—a biannual astrological event where the plane of the Earth’s equator passes the center of the sun—is the only time when the day and night are equal in length. This year, the fall equinox occurs on September 23rd. It’s a great time to enjoy the cooler days of autumn while making […]

7 Travel Tips to Keep You Looking Great and Staying Relaxed

The anticipation of and preparation for a great vacation, particularly after a period of stress or a crazy schedule—can get overwhelming. Luckily, we have some tips and trips for looking great on the road, while keeping yourself healthy and calm. STAY RELAXED Stretch – Whether you’re in the car or on the plane, take time […]

Summer is Ending But Adventure Awaits in Paradise with Paraiso Adventures

Hasta Luego, Summer!

It’s so hard to say goodbye to the season that is most associated with fun and adventure! As summer 2015 comes to its final last two days, we want to pay homage to the countless activities that summoned us to visit beaches with our families and friends. These are a few of our favorite things about […]

La Paz SUP Baja Mexico Whale Sharks Paraiso Adventures

Under the Sea (of Cortez)!

Ever wonder what’s under the clear turquoise waters off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Baja peninsula? There are some magnificent creatures that cruise beneath the sparkling surface of the Sea of Cortez, and so many ways to witness their beauty. Many enjoy snorkeling, or SCUBA, while some take advantage of the incredible visibility, peering down […]

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