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Animals of Costa Rica: Monkey Mom and Baby

Life’s a Zoo, But Not In Costa Rica

Going to the zoo is a great way to see some wildlife and exotic animals you wouldn’t otherwise see. But there’s also something a little sad about seeing majestic creatures in small enclosures, and especially in cages, rather than in the wild where they belong. Well, Costa Rica has decided that they’ve had enough. In […]

Peggy K's Lemon Blueberry Tart

Blueberry Lemon Tart

With Labor Day coming up, we’re getting ready for potlucks and picnics. And with the summer coming to an end, we’re trying to get our fill of summery food and seasonal fruits and vegetables, and especially some of our favorite berries! Our friend, nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos, told us about this incredible recipe for a Blueberry […]

Vibe Pilates Outdoor Yoga Class Instruction

Outdoor Yoga for National Yoga Month

Today might be the second to last day of August, but that doesn’t mean summer is totally over yet! And it definitely doesn’t mean the outdoor yoga season is over. In fact, September is National Yoga Month! You can get a pass for one free week of yoga, or check out one of their hundreds […]

Santa Teresa Costa Rica Wedding Group Photo

FBF: Costa Rica Wedding

Back on July 11, 2015, Nina helped coordinate a really fun wedding fiesta in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. We asked her to highlight the events of the week and of course the grand finale, the beach wedding and reception to follow! One by one friends and family from all over began to trickle in. This […]

Maria D'Ambrosio Yoga Ayurveda Hatha Vinyasa Yin Pura Vida Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Ancient Ayurveda, Modern Life

We at Paraiso are, of course, very into yoga. Which means we’re also very into the roots of yoga and yogic beliefs. One of these roots is the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda, which has been around since approximately 5000 BCE! Obviously, some ways of practicing Ayurveda have, by necessity, changed in the last few […]

Man in suit relaxing on the beach

Take Back Your Vacation!

You’ve probably seen that Mastercard commercial featuring a bunch of kids encouraging their parents to “take one more day” of vacation, offering to learn French and saying how pointless it is to let vacation days go unused. Well, this commercial is actually part of a way bigger movement: the Take Back Your Vacation movement! According […]

Austin relaxing at Florblanca, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Surfing Florblanca

Over the summer, Nina Ornstein, Paraiso’s founder, and her fiance, Austin, traveled to Costa Rica. They stayed at the beautiful Florblanca hotel, and Nina had an amazing experience. But Austin’s needs for a hotel are a little different–he loves to relax, but he also loves to surf! Here’s what he had to say about staying, […]

Beach View From Hacienda Santa Cruz Las Cruces Mexico

Making the Most of… Las Cruces!

When you go on a trip anywhere, there’s a lot of decisions to make. Sometimes you have to choose between having the time to do one thing, and having the time to do another. And sometimes it takes time to adjust and you miss out on some great experiences. Well, Nina Ornstein, our founder, does […]

Serrano Chilis

Spice Up Your Life

Interested in living a longer life? That may seem like a weird question. Of course, almost all of us want a long life, but there’s so many different opinions on the best things to do to stretch out your lifespan! It seems pointless to even try. Until now, at least. A new study has shown […]

Rachel Nicks Pigeon Pose

Yoga for Your Back

Feeling some soreness in your back? That’s what got Christine Chen, one of our favorite instructors, hooked on yoga in the first place! So we decided to focus on a few yoga poses that can really help you release some of that pain and stress from your back. Yoga has been shown to be a […]

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