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Fresh Blackberries

Cheers to the Weekend with Blackberry Cocktails

We can’t get enough summer berries into our diets. We’ve been putting them into smoothies, salads, even quinoa. But that just isn’t enough for us. We’ve decided that we want berries in our drinks, too! Blackberries are one of our favorite summer berries. They have a ton of vitamin C to help keep your immune […]

Costa Rica Jungle Nature

Natural Insect Repellent

There’s a lot to love about summer. But there’s one thing we hate about this season–bugs. Bug bites are definitely our least favorite part of summer. But we also hate using those bug sprays that are made of all sorts of artificial ingredients, including DEET, taste disgusting, are bad for the environment, and aren’t even […]

Happy Go Yoga by Christine Chen

Happy Go Yoga

We asked Christine Chen what prompted her to become a yoga instructor, and later a published wellness author. Christine is the leader of our January 31 – Feb 6 Costa Rica retreat and a wealth of information on maintaining wellness while living a very high intensity lifestyle. I went to my first yoga class in […]

Beach at the Sea of Cortez

Kayaking the Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez is absolutely stunning. We love seeing it from the shore, relaxing on the beach and looking at the incredibly blue water. But there’s no better way to really get to know this amazing water than by going all in. We took out some kayaks and a go pro and went for […]

Wine Tasting in Paros, Greece

White Wines of Paros, Greece

We loved the red wines we tried at Moraitis Winery in Paros, Greece on our last retreat. But red wines only make up half of their delicious options! We also tried some fantastic whites while we were there. The first white we tried was the white Paros Moraitis, a dry white wine. It’s produced from […]

Sunglasses in Paros, Greece with Paraiso Adventures

Sunglasses for Safety and Style

In the middle of summer, we’re very concerned about protecting our skin from damaging UV rays. But our skin isn’t the only thing that needs protection–the bright sun is super dangerous for our eyes too! Sunglasses are a fantastic accessory. They look great and can be a great addition to your outfit. But more importantly, […]

Nina doing yoga outdoors

August Outdoor Yoga in NYC

August is the last full month of summer, so we’re going to take full advantage and go to every outdoor yoga class we can make before autumn hits! Mon-Thurs 6:30-7:30 pm, Central Park Yoga–meet 15 min before at Le Pain Quotidien in Central Park (north side of Sheep Meadow)–$15 Every Tuesday   10-11 am, Bryant […]

Nina in a pool at Flor Blanca, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Fabulous Florblanca

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is one of our favorite destinations. We love the city, we love the people, and we love the beaches. But most of all we love the amazing places we get to stay when we visit! We’re so excited to announce our new partner in paradise, Florblanca resort. Florblanca is located in […]

Wine Tasting with Paraiso Adventures at Moraitis Winery, Paros, Greece

Red Wines of Paros

We love drinking good wine! And the first step to drinking good wine is tasting different types, from different regions of the world. Since we know Greece is one of the oldest wine producing regions of the world, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try some fine wine while we were in Paros, Greece, […]

Summer Squash Frittata by FancyFoodFancy

Summer Squash Frittata

This summer, we’re all about getting the freshest veggies possible and using them in delicious new recipes, like making garden stuffed yellow squash. We’re also trying to figure out how to make the most out of breakfast on a busy day. We’ve tried making quinoa berry bliss bites to grab and go in the morning, […]

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