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Nina Ornstein Austin Liggett Engagement

What’s New with Nina

Paraiso Adventures is truly the brainchild of Nina Ornstein, Paraiso’s founder. So we want to know more about Nina, and more about her ideas of traveling, eating well, being active, and what she sees in the near future for Paraiso! What’s new with you? I got engaged! On my last trip to Baja, on my […]

Paraiso Adventures Montemagno Italy Piedmont Travel Luxury Yoga Retreat

Travel to Montemagno, Italy

When we asked Dedi, the fabulous owner of the villa where we’ll be staying on our retreat to Asti, Italy, July 26-August 1, where some of her favorite places in Piedmont are, one of the first places she suggested was Montemagno. Montemagno is located in the Asti region. It is a hamlet made up of […]

Paraiso Adventures Summer BBQ Spicy Chipotle Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

Spicy Chipotle Sweet Potato Salad

Happy Memorial Day weekend! We know Memorial Day weekend is the ideal time to get together with friends and family for a barbeque. But going to barbeque means figuring out the most difficult question of all: what should you bring? For our potluck barbeque plans, we’ll be carrying around some spicy chipotle sweet potato salad. […]

Paraiso Adventures Barolo Wine Piedmont Cheese Asti Italy Travel Yoga Retreat

Barolo Wine of Piedmont, Italy

We love talking about (and drinking) Italian wine! But it seems like we haven’t given Piedmont’s most popular wine, Barolo, the attention it deserves. Barolo wine, a DOCG from Piedmont, is considered one of Italy’s finest wines. Barolo is made from the Nebbiolo grape. It is said to have tar and rose aromas, and ages […]

Paraiso Adventures NYC Outdoor Yoga Events Summer 2015

Outdoor Summer Yoga Events in NYC

Here in New York, the May weather has been a little all over the place. We’re hoping that June will have better weather, which will really let us spend as much time as possible outdoors. One of our favorite ways to get some fresh air is to take advantage of outdoor yoga around NYC. Here’s […]

Paraiso Adventures Travel Tips Time Saving Savvy Traveler Nina Ornstein

Four Time Saving Travel Tips by Nina

I have been doing a significant amount of traveling and summer has only (unofficially) begun! For me, spending as little time and hassle during the travel process is a high priority so I have been finessing my airport routine. Go Global! Global Entry is the thing to do if you are a frequent international travel. Keep […]

Alfieri Poetry

Italian is a beautiful language. Starting with Dante’s Inferno, and including countess operas, Italian has been used for poetry for centuries. Piedmont, like other parts of Italy, has had its share of incredible poets. One of Piedmont’s renowned poets was Vittorio Alfieri. Vittorio Alfieri was an Italian count, dramatist, and poet, who lived between 1749-1803. […]

Paraiso Adventures Todos Santos Travel Baja Mexico

Travel to Todos Santos, Mexico

It’s no surprise that we especially love our adventures in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Paraiso’s founder, Nina Ornstein, has spent the majority of her life in these parts, running around the desert, the Sierra de la Laguna mountains and swimming in the sea. At first glance, this desert oasis on the Pacific ocean […]

Paraiso Adventures Nina Ornstein Wheel Yoga Santa Teresa Cocina Lohanna Costa Rica Travel Yoga Retreat

What’s New with Nina and Paraiso?

Nina Ornstein, Paraiso’s founder, spends a lot of time traveling, doing yoga, and meeting people, all of which she brings back to the Paraiso table to try and make future retreats better and more exciting in every possible way. So today, we’re checking in to see what’s coming up in Paraiso’s near future. What upcoming […]

Paraiso Adventures Las Cruces Baja Mexico Travel

Celebrating Las Cruces!

Over the weekend of May 1, 2015, Las Cruces, club members, various friends and family gathered together to celebrate a spectacular legacy. Las Cruces exudes a very unique and luxurious lifestyle full of adventure and all things Baja Sur, Mexico. The hospitality at Las Cruces is unparalleled, the staff truly covers all of the bases, tending to every little […]

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