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Paraiso Adventures Greek Hospitality Greece Travel Wellness Adventure Paradise Perfected Mediterranean Sea Europe

Greek Hospitality

We are a group of people who love to travel, so we know the importance of hospitality, and how hospitality can make or break your experience. If any one nation understands the importance of hospitality, it would have to be Greece. In Greek, the word for hospitality, Xenia, translates to “guest-friendship”. This could be extended […]

Michelle Barge Yoga Retreat Asti Italy Piedmont Paraiso Adventures Travel Wellness Adventure Wine Italian

Traveling the World with Michelle Barge

We are super excited for our upcoming retreat to Piedmont, Italy, July 26-August 1. There’s so much to be excited about–the region of Piedmont, the nearby town of Asti, the amazing wine, the food, the beautiful villa… But possibly our favorite part is the incredible yoga instructor who’s going to be leading this retreat, Michelle […]


Almond Butter Fudge

Having a sweet tooth craving? Well put down the ice cream and cookies, because we have found our new favorite recipe for healthy sweets. This recipe, originally published in Deliciously ELLA by Ella Woodward, is everything you could want from a dessert, without all the additionally stuff you don’t want! Almond Butter Fudge (20 servings) […]

Paraiso Adventures Aloe Vera Natural Healing Wellness Plant Health

The Amazing Aloe Vera

When you get a sunburn, you reach for the aloe vera. But aloe has way more benefits than just easing sunburn pains. It turns out that aloe is a super plant. Aloe vera is a plant from North Africa, and apparently it’s been useful for quite some time. There is a belief that Cleopatra used […]

Paraiso Adventures Paradise Perfected Zen Happy Travel Costa Rica Wanderlust

Ten Steps to Personal Zen

It’s Friday! You’ve made it, finally, some time away from the daily grind awaits only a few short hours from now. We know you’re already thinking about every way you can make the most of your freedom over the upcoming weekend, so we put together some tips on how you can create your perfect zen […]

Paraiso Adventures Travel Wellness Adventure Geothermal Renewable Energy Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s 75 Days using only Renewable Energy!

We love Costa Rica for its amazing jungles, adorable animals, and sense of tranquility. But now we have a new reason to love Costa Rica- its (renewable) energy! At Paraiso, we’re all about sustainability and keeping the Earth healthy for future adventures. So we’re really excited to hear that one of our favorite locations is […]

Paraiso Adventures Sunshine for the Soul Sun Vitamin D Tropical Nina Ornstein Paradise Perfected Health Wellness Travel Costa Rica

Sunshine for the Soul

As the season of spring welcomes us to a fresher, warmer version of our lives people emerge from their winter hibernation in need of some serious sunshine! If you live in a place such as the Northeast, it’s impossible to get Vitamin D from sunlight because of the angle of the sun during the winter […]

Asti Piedmont Italy Travel Paraiso Adventures Yoga Retreat

Exploring Asti, Italy

The region of Piedmont has a lot of great places to visit. Our favorite is our Paraiso villa, but we also love the old town of Asti, the modern capital of Monferrato. The name, Asti, probably comes from the ancient Celtic word “hill”- “Ast”. Asti has been gifted, regifted, won, lost, rewon–so much so that […]

Paraiso Adventures Nina Ornstein Citi Bike NYC New York Spring Exercise Biking City

Spring is the Season of Transition

Hola Amigos! It’s Nina here, I’m just back from Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and I’m feeling very motivated and inspired by the recent change of seasons. Slowly but surely, the days are growing warmer and I’m able to get outside more often. I am very sensitive to colder conditions, I find them very limiting and […]

Summer Running

Spring Inspiration

Spring is finally here, and that means summer will be here before we know it! The best part about spring is how clean and fresh everything is. Which means it’s time to do a little spring cleaning of our own! Now that we’re shedding the layers, it’s time to make up for any workouts that […]

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