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Cheers to YOU!

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a new year full of love, health and prosperity.  We hope that you are ringing in the new year with loved ones and dreaming big dreams for 2015! Cheers to you, our beautiful wellness adventure community!  

It’s a Big World Out There!

Travel connects us all with each other, with culture and with nature. Most importantly, travel connects us with ourselves in a profound way that cannot be rivaled. The things we learn about ourselves when in foreign environments, surrounding by unfamiliar people and resources. Ultimately, while on an adventure, people arrive at a point of awareness […]

Manifesting Fabulous New Beginnings

Setting an intention in yoga is similar to setting a New Year’s resolution; both are encouraged to keep you on a positive path, remember what you’re working towards, and push forward to accomplish this goal. This is the benefit of making a plan in the first place. Sometimes, it seems difficult to set intentions or resolutions, […]

QT with the Family {Yoga Style}

So here we are, smack in the middle of the holiday season. Most of us have time off from work, and many of us are spending QT with our families and friends. While all this together time is great, it can also bring up some frustrations and stress (now’s the time to glance back at our […]

beLiving Well January Program!

What is beLiving Well? It is a conscious lifestyle program that breaks down the elements of wellness and balance into a step-by-step process. This guided event incorporates all things mind, body, and soul, combining them all to craft an enriching experience for people to do in their homes. The creators of this program are Alana […]

Hot {Spiked} Apple Cider

Happy Friday, Paraiso Community! We hope you’re having a beautiful holiday season filled with family, friends, and tons of festive fun. Today we’re sharing a Spiked Apple Cider recipe that is toasty and perfect for social gatherings. If your crowd prefers a non-alcoholic version, simply omit the rum — or make up two batches, one alcoholic and […]

Winter Wonderland!

Wishing all of our community a happy, healthy Holiday Season! With love from PARADISE, Nina & the Paraiso Team

Peggy K’s Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Pumpkin Spice Frosting

We caught up with Peggy K to get some guilt-free holiday sweets to swap out for your regular, high-sugar recipe. These rich and creamy desserts will satisfy any sweet tooth without compromising your nutritional regimen. Be kind to your body this holiday season without losing the flavor and enjoyment of indulging in this season’s best holiday […]

Pura Vida Living!

One cannot help but feel the cultural spirit in Costa Rica, the community soul. This is a country where people acknowledge their profound connection to one another, happily residing in one of the most gorgeous, exotic destinations on earth. They live in paradise and they know it. They rejoice in it and essentially repeat how much […]

Monday Mantra: Spread Kindness

This time of year more than ever, people commit random acts of kindness. Whether it’s donating time, offering warm salutations, or giving peace and hope to the world, it seems like people are more willing to go the extra mile. The holiday season and the New Year are a time of reflection and oftentimes, empathy. What if […]

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