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Woman applying sunblock

Take a Shot (for your skin)!

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Paraiso Community. We hope you are somewhere sunny and warm, and enjoying life — that’s what it’s all about, after all! While we’re all about fun in the sun, we are also avid sunscreen appliers! Don’t forget to slap on at least a shot glass’ worth — that’s 1.5 fluid oz. […]

Yoga Fusion Beach Body by Rachel

Rachel Nicks is an expert in sculpting a lean mean physique. She specializes in tush toning and core strengthening, which sets the foundation for a killer bod. Without a strong core, the body is unbalanced and at risk for a multitude of physical injuries. Building this critical musculature also helps torch calories and keep your metabolism […]

Rachel Nicks’ Wellness On-The-Go

Rachel Nicks may be one of the most glamorous people we know. She is positively radiant, down to earth, and always has her act together. Plus, she is a busy, busy lady! Between starring off-Broadway in And I and Silence, instructing Exhale core fusion classes, leading barefoot luxury Paraiso Retreats, participating in community service, and juggling everything else […]

Travel Tuesday: Hamptons Harvest Party Weekend

We are keeping the action local this fall with the exciting new launch of an all-time favorite American destination — The Hamptons. The Hamptons are a part of New York everyone should visit to experience authentic Northeastern culture. Plus, it’s a location so unique and glamorous many people only see it in movies or magazines. But at Paraiso, we’re ready […]

Motivation Monday: What Motivates Rachel Nicks

What motivates our starlet instructor, Rachel Nicks? It’s her community, of course! Rachel explains that she’s is always motivated to make the world a better place. Her community is “wide spread” as she is active within many different groups. Rachel is a member of organizations in Harlem, the New York Junior League, the Manhattan student community, her Doula […]

Starlet Sunday: Rachel Nicks Starring Off Broadway

What’s new with our starlet instructor, Rachel Nicks? She’s starring off-broadway of course! When Rachel isn’t toning booties at NYC’s favorite Core Fusion studio, Exhale, she’s thrilling the audience at The Signature Theater! Paraiso Adventures owner, Nina Ornstein, attended Rachel’s play, And I and Silence,  last week and was elated by Nicks’ commanding stage presence and heartfelt […]

Saturday Spotlight: Top Reasons to Travel with Yoga Bound

Alana & Kristina of Yoga Bound are two very warm, inspirational SoCal women who you will love spending time with and getting to know! As community loving individuals, they share a passion for traveling with yogis of all levels and experiencing exciting global adventures in a safe, nurturing environment. These girls are so extremely knowledgeable […]

Crazy for Coco{nuts}!

Celebrating super foods is one of our favorite things about the wellness industry. We love experimenting with new foods, sharing them with our community, and incorporating them into our retreat menus. We’ve been doing a lot of planning for our Costa Rica retreat this week at Paraiso Headquarters, and we’ve been dreaming of all things […]

Montezuma Waterfall Expedition

When we go to Costa Rica we always make sure to plan an excursion to the Montezuma Waterfall. Nothing is cooler than the moment you dive into the fresh water pools for the first time. The spray from the pounding waterfall mists the jungle, inviting the community to cool off in its hidden natural beauty. […]

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