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Throwback Thursday: Las Cruces, History Buff Edition

Everyone has a different travel style. Some people like to go away, shut off their brains, and just relax. Others like to read up on the locale’s history & culture, tour the area, and learn everything about their new environment. At Paraiso Adventures, we appreciate that everyone has a different idea of what is enjoyable, […]

Wellness Wednesday: Ditching Dairy?

Life is all about balance. I’ve found that when I decide to go “all or nothing” on any kind of decision, I tend to rebel against said decision and almost undo all of my good intentions. Sometimes, we find ourselves restless to change up something in our lives. Maybe these things aren’t exactly having the same effect […]

Wellness Wednesday: Magical Ocean Potion

The sea is magically alluring. Its infinite depths, mythical tales, and magnetic tides have seduced the human race into a timeless love affair. The ocean comprises more of the Earth than land, and though it is endlessly scientifically studied, there is still so much that remains unknown. Many ancient cultures believed in the healing powers […]

Studio Saturday: Savasana in the Square

Good morning! It’s an easy breezy Saturday in Paraiso, and we want to share a few snapshots of one of our favorite outdoor NYC yoga classes with you! We posted about how much we love these community yoga events a few weeks back, and clearly our infatuation has not dwindled. Who: Caprice Abowitt of Sacred Sounds Yoga What: […]

Foodie Friday: Boozy Baja Margarita

It’s been a busy week over here at Paraiso Adventures Headquarters and we’re ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy the weekend. Who else feels like celebrating?! We have a special treat in store for you today and it’s in the form of a spicy margarita! This craft cocktail was shared with us by Keenan Werner of The […]

Throwback Thursday: Connie Kelly Pilates Retreat + Bonus Interview!

We’re gearing up for a second retreat with Connie Kelly, owner of CK Pilates, and we cannot be more excited! For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we’re celebrating with a look-back at Connie’s last adventure with Paraiso. Connie led our Pilates Retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica last season and it was a blast! Our retreat highlights featured twice-daily Pilates classes, […]

Wellness Wednesday: Simple Stress Busters

Do you ever feel stressed out in your daily life? It happens to all of us at some point, and if you don’t have an action plan in place, it can feel quite overwhelming. We chatted with Certified Nutritionist & Therapist Katie McKenna, who also happens to be one of our amazing retreat leaders (check out her upcoming […]

Travel Tuesdays: Tropical Skincare

When traveling, we are always mindful of our environment, making sure to pack according to the climate and terrain we are about to embark upon. This fall, we are hosting two retreats in Baja, Mexico (check out our locations in Todos Santos and Las Cruces) which is located right on the Tropic of Cancer. Geographically speaking, […]

Wellness Wednesday: What is Pilates?

What exactly is Pilates? We’re so glad you asked! Lucky for us, Connie Kelly, owner of CK Pilates & one of our awesome retreat instructors, is here to give us the 411. “PILATES is a form of physical exercise, developing the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness of movements.  Core strength is the foundation of […]

Motivation Monday: Eat like you’re Greek

A little while back, we introduced the concept of the Mediterranean lifestyle on our blog. Medically speaking, it’s proven that people who follow this diet and exercise plan live longer, healthier lives. With this in mind, we designed our menu and a bonus complementary cooking class for our Greece retreat based around these wellness principles. Since it’s Motivation Monday, we […]

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